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RIGHT State Events

Register to Sell at the Used Curriculum Sale

June 28, 2014 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Saint John & Paul Church, 341 South Main Street, Coventry, RI



Seller registration is now over, thank you for registering to sell! 


After your registration is received you will receive an e-mail confirmation from Laura Giorgianni.  This e-mail will confirm your book drop-off time.  If there are problems, e-mail or call Laura Giorgianni: or (401)-397-4302.


Book Tags: Print out the Book Tag Instructions and follow them to fill out the easy to use PDF Form tags!! Print and use only the tags from our website to label your books and curriculum.
Please make sure your tags meet all the requirements of the book tag instructions!  We don’t want to reject your books at check in.

What Can I Sell?
The sale is a wonderful way to recycle items used in your homeschool setting.  We accept curriculum, videos, games, puzzles, software, etc. Due to space limitations, we will not be able to accept sports equipment, computer hardware or furniture.
We ask that any possibly offensive items not be brought to the sale. Materials that are deemed inappropriate will be set aside and not put on the sale tables. RIGHT reserves the right to refuse any item not deemed consistent with our Christian statement of faith.  (i.e. items dealing with the occult, witchcraft, Halloween, New Age, romance novels, etc.)

Pricing Tips:
Pricing of items is left up to the discretion of each seller.
Your selling price will reflect the condition and up-to-datedness of the item to be sold. Used items that have markings or other “used” features might be marked 50% or less of new price depending on how “used” it is. Well used items, of course, would reflect this in your asking price. Note: Keep prices low to increase your chances of selling.

Dropping Off Books the Day Before the Sale
All books will be checked for correct labeling at the time of drop-off before they will be accepted for sale.  Please allow sufficient time for this at the drop-off.  You will be asked to take home incorrectly labeled books.  

Fifteen percent (15%) of sale price is donated to RIGHT to help cover expenses. You will receive a check from RIGHT within three weeks for the proceeds of your books less your donation to RIGHT.  You will also receive the slips of the items sold.  It is your responsibility to keep track of what you bring and plan to sell.  We keep no records of items sold for individuals.

Unsold Books/Curriculum:
Any items that did not sell at the RIGHT Used Curriculum Sale MUST be picked up between 2:30 – 3:00 PM the day of the sale or an extra 5% fee or $10, whichever is greater, will be incurred. Any items that are not picked up at this time will be disposed of.

Neither RIGHT, nor any person volunteering for RIGHT, will be responsible for
any damaged, mistagged, or lost property or tags on items.