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2014 RIGHT Used Curriculum Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I hand write the tags?

This is to prevent tampering with the information on the tags. It is to protect the seller’s best interest.

Why must everything have 2 tags?
One tag stays on the item, the other tag is removed at checkout. The removed tag is used to add up the buyers purchases, and then used to reimburse the seller.

Why is it so important to put my last name first in the name field?
There are two important reasons. One is after the sale, when we sort out sale items by seller’s name. This is done alphabetically by the last name and it helps to reduce the amount of time this takes. The second is for payment of sold items. All book tags removed from sold items are sorted alphabetically. If tags get mishandled, you possibly could miss out on receiving money for your sold items.

Can I use books that are tagged from last year?
You may use tags from last year, providing the tags are in the proper location and meet all the criteria in the book tag instructions this year. The “Set” field will default to “1” for a single item. If selling more than a single item, the quantity in the set field must match the quantity being sold.

The pull down boxes on the tags are not working properly?
People using Macs may experience problems with the tags not working properly. This seems to be a problem with software compatibility; you may need a different version of the software. If you continue to have difficulty, please find a PC to use.  (Webmaster/mac-user note: the Mac tends to open the PDF in "Preview" by default, make sure it is opening the tags in Adobe Reader.)

Why does the book tag need to be in the upper right hand corner of the book?
When everyone places the labels in the upper right hand corner, books can be placed on the table with the tags easily in view.    It doesn’t matter if you cover important information on the cover - that information is usually in the title page or in other areas of the book.

Why should I print 3 copies of the book tags?
One copy is for your records. You are responsible to keep track of the items you bring to the sale. The other two copies are to be placed on the item you are selling.

Why do I need to put a diagonal highlighter stripe on side by side tags on games or kits?
All sale items require two tags. The highlighted tag is similar to the tag on this inside back cover of a book and it will stay with the item after it is sold. The un-highlighted tag will be removed by the cashier at checkout. By highlighting one tag we can assure the item has been properly handled throughout the sale process.

What forms of payment are accepted at the sale?
Cash or check only.

Do I need to bring bags or rolling milk crates to carry my items I wish to purchase?
You may bring in bags or rolling crates to carry items in as you shop. Also, we provide a hold table where you can set things down for a period of time. The time is limited so that items you don’t intend to purchase can get back on the sale tables.

Is there a “Free” table where I can pass on gently used books to others for free?
We do not have a free table at the sale.