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Sample Letter of Intent

The letter of intent (LOI) is your letter informing your local school district that you intend to homeschool. It is written to the superintendent of the school district in which you live. Contact your RIGHT chapter leader for specific information as each school district has different requirements.


Some school departments may ask for a list of curriculum for subjects required by RI law. We ask that parents simply list the "courses" that they will be teaching, as the law does not require curriculum, but that that the School Committee approve a "course" of instruction.  Courses would include, for example: phonics, Arithmetic, Algebra, World History, American Literature, etc, not textbooks with author and publisher.


You may want to send your letter of intent certified mail to assure it is received. 


You do NOT need to a) sign a form provided by the school dept, b) give lesson plans or time indications for each subject, or c) report more often than once or possibly twice a year.  There is also some debate as to whether it is necessary to include age, grade, or date of birth.  We suggest giving the least amount of information possible to retain parental and homeschool rights for all RI families while still obeying RI statutes.


If you have difficulty gaining approval from your school district, please contact us.



August 1, 200?


Local School Department

Address Your town, Rhode Island

Attn: Superintendent



To whom it may concern:


We intend to home school our child/children (names) during the school year 200?-200?.


Attendance will be substantially equal to that required by law in public schools (180 days) and RI law will be followed with regard to courses taught. Required Subjects: reading, writing, geography, arithmetic, the history of the United States, the history of Rhode Island, and the principles of American government (§ 16-19-2); civics (§ 16-22-2); health and physical education (§ 16-22-4) will be taught. (RI history, and US history and government do not need to be taught every year, only substantially to the same extent as these subjects are required to be taught in the public schools".) 


(You should include the course names that you be teaching that cover these required subjects in your letter, for example:  "Our courses will include:  American Literature and writing, US Geography, Algebra, US Government, Biology and bi-weekly or more participation in seasonal sports."  Science is not a required subject in RI. We still recommend that you teach it and everyone does.  Isn't that interesting that we don't need the government to make a law telling us what it good to teach our children?)


Upon request, an end of the year report of progress and attendance will be sent at the conclusion of our school year. (The assessment would be a method of the parent’s choosing – grades, test results, narrative progress report, etc. You may want to include what form you will use.)


If you request any additional information, please contact us by mail. Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.




Mr. and Mrs. Your Name


No Phone (Correspondence should be in writing to avoid miscommunication.)