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New to Homeschooling

Homeschooling is the educating of children at home by their parents or close family members. Although parents may form co-ops or utilize teachers, tutors or outside classes to augment their children's education, homeschooling should be primarily defined as parents teaching their children.  Homeschooling should not be confused with government school-at-home situations offered through virtual schools or other means.   That is public school at home.


RIGHT is a Christian-run organization of volunteer homeschoolers planning events and activities for homeschool families. We also advocate for home education and parental rights whenever necessary.


Homeschoolers and their reasons for homeschooling are diverse. As you approach homeschooling for your family, you most likely have your own reasons for choosing it. We hope that our site will help you to formulate your own philosophy, methods and goals for your homeschool. If after perusing our site, you continue to have questions, be sure to contact a member of the Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers (RIGHT).