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Legal Information

The following links are the four state laws that pertain to home schooling in the State of Rhode Island:

Compulsory attendance laws:

16-19-1  Attendance required - This law covers the ages of compulsory attendance, which for homeschoolers are the ages for which teaching is required.
16-19-2  Approval of private schools - This law covers the subjects required by law, the submission of attendance registers, and other instructions.

16-22-2  Civics - as a required subect encompasses previously required subjects in 16-19-2, for an explanation see "'Civics' in, Government and History out".

16-22-4  Instruction in health and physical education.

16-23-2  Loan of Textbooks - the school is required to let you borrow the texts being used in the public schools. 


Further legal information on home schooling in Rhode Island can be found at


Each school department in the State of Rhode Island interprets their responsibility for homeschoolers slightly differently (and homeschoolers' responsibility to them!). Please familiarize yourself with these laws so that you can be sure that the district is not asking for more than they should.


Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers keeps an eye on state legislation affecting homeschoolers, and sends email updates through the RIGHT email list and other venues when necessary.