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Homeschooling Advice

Suggested Sequence for getting started in Home Schooling:


  1. Read - books, magazines, catalogs, and anything you can get your hands on. This will help you develop your own philosophy of education and goals for your homeschool.  It will also familiarize you with materials available, whether curriculum or other resources. See our Reading List.  RIGHT has placed many books into the RI Cooperating Libraries system as well.
  2. If applicable to your philosophy, survey curriculum options for your children and make necessary purchases. See our Curriculum pages.
  3. Get aquainted with R.I. State laws regarding homeschooling. See our Legal Page.
  4. Join a local support group.  R.I.G.H.T. has statewide support and chapters that meet geographically.  Contact us for a complimentary PDF copy of our monthly newsletter.
  5. Send a "Letter of Intent" to your superintendent.  Here is a sample.  After receiving your letter, your school district may contact you  to inform you of other "requirements" they may have. Be sure to look over RI law to see if these requirements are within the law.  You can also speak with your RIGHT chapter leader for advice on how other homeschoolers handle correspondence with your particular school district or again, contact us
  6. Start teaching!  You probably already are. Be flexible. Relax. Enjoy your children!