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Traditional Curriculum

Features: A structured curriculum originally designed for the private school classroom. Traditional curriculum makes use of teacher's manuals, texts and workbooks. Supplementary books and supplies are available from the same vendor.



1. 1-800-874-3597

2. 303-730-6292

3. Christian Liberty Press (Academy) 1-800-348-0899

4. Rod and Staff Publishers, P.O. Box 3 Hwy 172, Crockett, KY 41413 606-522-4348 (this is a support website, they donít actually have a website or email address.)

5. Bob Jones University Press, 1-800-845-5731

6. Veritas - Classical Education Curriculum 1-800-922-5082

7. See also for more classical education resources.

8. Switched on Schoolhouse/Alpha Omega


(Note: You are not required to buy entire curriculum packages from these vendors. They can also be used as resources for designing your own curriculum.)